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Enabling Environment

People-centred justice implies continuous improvement. New ways of resolving or preventing justice problems need to be discovered, tested and implemented. New, better models for delivering justice services must be able to replace existing ones. This page shows justice leaders from governments, academia, civil society organisations and the wider public what is needed to create a level playing field between new and old justice service delivery models. 

To create an enabling environment or a justice system that is open to change and innovation, we need ‘a committed coalition of justice leaders’ and an ‘enabling regulatory and financial framework’. Find out more about these ideas in the below sections.

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Create an enabling
regulatory and financial

Via rules of procedure

Court and administrative procedures aim to guarantee legality, due process and equal access to justice. Very often in real life, rigid rules of procedure impede innovations. Creative procedural rules can open the doors for creative justice services that deliver great access to justice outcomes. This section is for justice leaders who want to understand how procedural innovations help to make advancements toward people-centred justice.
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Via public private partnerships and creative sourcing of justice services

Historically, there is a powerful trend to concentrate justice in state institutions. Courts of law, prosecutorial services, police and even administrative authorities are seen as the custodians of justice and dispute resolution. Data from justice needs studies show that this arrangement is unsustainable. Everywhere, around 5-10% of the serious and impactful legal problems are submitted to courts.
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Through new sources of revenue and investments

The justice sector is falling short of funds to support existing insitutions in the formal justice system as well as upcoming innovations. In this section, justice leaders can find new ideas on potential sources of revenue and investments for courts and innovative justice services that have been drawn from international examples.
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Create an enabling environment


By forming a committed coalition

The creation of an enabling environment for innovation is dependent on leadership. Forming a coalition amongst those who have a stake in justice – the custodians of the system – becomes the entry point to begin addressing what is needed to progressively transition towards people-centred justice. Read more on how you as a justice stakeholder can lead the change through committed coalitions.