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Data stories and research
on delivering peace and justice

Welcome to the Justice Dashboard by HiiL user friendly justice. Discover what pressing problems people are facing and the journeys they take to solve or prevent them. Find evidence about solutions that work and promising models for delivering justice.

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What's new
Justice Innovation Labs

HiiL organises justice innovations labs to design sustainable solutions for justice problems of people in several countries across the globe, from Nigeria to the Netherlands. Read how our justice innovations labs bridge the justice gap that people experience.

What's new
The journey of India’s leading social entrepreneur — Aniket Doegar

Aniket Doegar has delivered social security benefits to millions in India through his start-up Haqdarshaq. His journey from being a promising student in India’s top college to a mission-driven entrepreneur has ignited the interest of HiiL’s own Justice Accelerator.

What's new
The journey of Nelson Nkari, Kenya's leading justice-tech innovator

With a degree in computer science and law, Nelson has emerged as a trendsetter in Kenya’s legal ecosystem. His online platform Legal Point Services connects ordinary people to verified lawyers and legal services at an affordable price. 

Start with people

The kind of justice that people around the world need most relates to their employment, family, neighbours, land and crime. Let us take a look at what people experience in each of these areas.

Explore justice data by country on this map

We estimate that each year, 1 billion people face a new and serious conflict. Find more data on problems, innovations and solutions at a national level.

Our approach

Working from data

We collect, publish and give access to data on people’s justice problems and their resolutions. We help build monitoring capacity. Our goal: Enhanced access to and use by justice sector stakeholders of data and knowledge about justice needs and outcomes of justice journeys.

Data is the backbone of the Dashboard. You can explore interactive data visualisations on justice needs of people from 18 countries.

Applying best practices

We assist justice stakeholders in adopting evidence-based practice. Our goal: improved capacity of justice practitioners and providers of justice services to resolve justice problems.

On the Solving and Preventing page of the Dashboard, we showcase evidence-based recommendations to resolve land, family and employment related justice problems.

Scaling Gamechangers

We support innovations known as ‘Gamechangers’, the sustainable service models that have the greatest impact towards delivering justice. Our goal: Increased access to and use of justice services for people.

Start your innovations journey by finding out which are the most sustainable, impactful and scalable innovations. Visit our Justice Services and Gamechangers pages.

Creating enabling environment

We convene stakeholders to help reduce barriers to progress and create conditions for dialogue and collaboration. This includes the financial, regulatory and legal regimes. Our goal: Strengthened dialogue between justice stakeholders on justice needs to create an ‘enabling environment’ for justice innovation and Gamechangers (via public-private partnerships and other business opportunities).

Explore our vision for transforming the justice sector on the Enabling Environment page.

Strengthening the movement

We strengthen networks for knowledge exchange and celebrate success of people-centered justice initiatives. Through community building, we dismantle silos and inspire changemakers to support the realisation of SDG16.3 – equal access to justice for all. Our goal: Reinforced international, regional, and national movement of people-centred justice.

Our tools:

Each of the different elements of the Dashboard symbolise the people-centred justice movement and assist stakeholders for better decision-making.

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