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Making dispute resolution affordable and accessible for SMEs in Africa

In 2021, Angelo launched E-Arbitrator as a pan-Africa online dispute resolution (ODR) platform that SMEs trading with neighbouring countries can use. Fast forward by three years, the ODR platform has expanded to include arbitrators from the USA, Turkey, India, and the Netherlands.

Tackling crime in Kenya

Eric Murithi and Vincent Awino, two dynamic engineers from Nairobi have launched Upesy — a mobile application that connects individuals who are in danger to their friends, family, private security agencies, ambulances and more. Once users press the power button of their phone, the app sends the live location of the individual and audio recording at the point of the incident emergency service providers listed in the app.

Bridging the justice gap for Syrian refugees and immigrants

Asma Baghdadi and Saleem Najjar co-founded SyrGo, an online platform that delivers civil and personal legal documents to refugees and immigrants residing outside Syria. Their journey began in 2019 when they encountered difficulties registering their marriage at the Syrian embassy in Jordan, which was overwhelmed with requests.

Helping Indians access social security benefits

Aniket Doegar, a 34-year-old Indian entrepreneur, has connected 6 million people in India to social security benefits through his online platform, Haqdarshak. Aniket’s journey began while working as a teacher for Teach for India, where he recognised the lack of awareness among his students and their parents regarding welfare schemes.

Making legal services accessible to Kenyans

Nelson Nkari is Kenya’s rising entrepreneur keen on bringing legal information and advice to people’s doorstep. His online platform Legal Point Services connects ordinary people to verified lawyers and legal services at an affordable price. It offers digital workflows to lawyers such as conducting video calls with clients, facilitating online signatures and payments, connecting clients to a chatbot in the absence of a legal representative and updating the status of the legal matter for clients to track.