1. Supporting Civil Justice Transformation Dialogues and Strategy

Civil Justice Transformation in Ogun State / 1. Supporting Civil Justice Transformation Dialogues and Strategy

1.1. This report

Between January and March 2021, the Ogun State Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, Gbolahan Adeniran, convened 25 distinguished justice leaders in the state’s first Civil Justice Transformation Lab. Through a series of three stakeholder dialogues, the aim was to deliver a vision on civil justice in Ogun State whereby people can safely live, work, and do business. HiiL was asked to assist in this process and identify the prevalence of civil justice problems and the bottlenecks in the administration of civil justice for businesses and individuals in Ogun State.

During the stakeholder dialogues, four goals and the Gamechanging Pathways to achieving them were outlined, always keeping the people of Ogun State and the outcomes they need at the centre. These goals and their pathways have been documented in a strategy document for civil justice transformation in Ogun State

This report supports the civil justice transformation strategy in Ogun State. It provides relevant data and knowledge to support the strategy developed during the stakeholder dialogues. It has been developed along the transformation lab process, informing and subsequently being informed by the different stakeholder dialogues. The final result is a Deep Dive report into civil justice transformation in Ogun State, based on a combination of stakeholders’ ideas, knowledge, and expertise, and research conducted by HiiL. For each of the four goals and pathways formulated by the justice leaders, the report provides data on the expected annual number of problems that need resolutions, how people go about resolving them and what works, and the main enablers and obstacles to implementing the pathways identified to achieve the goals.

1.2 Methodology

This report is based on a combination of different data sources to create a nuanced and in-depth picture of civil justice in Ogun State.