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e-JNS Colombia

Traditionally, measurement of people’s access to justice has focused on the number of entities that offer justice services and their performance.

e-JNS Uganda 2

In 2021 HiiL, conducted an eJNS study to gather insights about the dynamics of the justice needs of the people of Uganda. An innovative approach was employed — in June-August 2021 respondents were invited through social media or through the users of a legal aid startup, Barefoot law Uganda.

Informal Justice in Ethiopia

Using data from three sources we quantify the market of the informal justice sector in Ethiopia and explore the transformative opportunities that informal justice can play in making People-centered justice a reality in Ethiopia.

e-JNS Uganda

This study presents data about the legal problems of people in Uganda during the Covid-19 pandemic. We used an innovative approach to gather data about the justice needs and experience of hundreds of people.

Justice Needs in Burkina Faso

COVID-19 has forced many around the globe to become creative and innovative. In order to still get an idea of the legal problems in Burkina Faso, we decided to launch an online survey, filled in by respondents recruited via social media. This report is the result of that exercise.

Delivering Justice in the Covid-19 crisis

Thought leaders in the justice sector are concerned about a looming wave of legal problems. They expect incidents of injustice to surge. This may lead to civil unrest in some countries. Business as usual – by courts and police enforcing laws, with legal services available for the few – is unlikely to work.