HiiL specialises in rigorous programming for people-centred justice. Our mission is in line with the magnitude of this challenge: prevent or resolve 150 million pressing justice problems by 2030. 

We believe that data on what works, combined with innovation, can transform the justice sector. Towards more effective services, improved financial sustainability and more popular support. 

Since 2011, we have worked on justice innovation projects, always taking the perspective of the user. We created a Justice Needs and Satisfaction Survey that has informed justice leaders in 20 countries. HiiL scouted and helped accelerate 100 promising justice services in state capitals and rural areas. Ministries and justice leaders from countries developed action plans and transformation strategies, facilitated by HiiL.  

This experience has resulted in a systematic programming approach for people-centred justice. We believe this is needed in a field full of statements of principle, where innovation rarely moves beyond pilot projects that reach a few thousand people.

With the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), HiiL is negotiating a proposal to assist the justice sectors in a number of African countries. Each of them has high impact justice problems and a poorly resourced legal system. We also work in South Africa, the US, Ukraine and the Netherlands, countries where justice innovation is flourishing. The Hague, the international city of peace and justice, provides inspiration. Our partners in the countries where we operate are organisations of justice practitioners, justice innovators and justice leaders. 

This report is built on this experience.